Mobile. Visual. Design.

Hi there! I'm a visual designer focusing on mobile (and some web) design. Making usable, beautiful, and delighting experiences is what gets me excited.


My passion is design, and my medium is pixels. I use Photoshop like an engineer, which is super-cool because it makes building assets and collaborating a breeze.


Okay, okay, I do UX as well. Telling stories and tapping into personas is as important to my process as polishing up the final assets. Stories are the new black.

iOS & Android

I'm a seasoned vet. Making mockups and cutting assets for iOS and Android is my bread and butter, so I've gotten extremely fast and efficient at it over the years.

Valley Girl

I'm from here! I grew up in Silicon Valley, have roots at Stanford, and was there when companies like IBM and Apple paved the way to the future. To me, the valley is home.

Tools of the trade

Photoshop is like a lanugage, and I like to think I'm fluent. :) But in addition, I use Illustrator, TextWrangler, Omnigraffle, and Git to get stuff to developers.

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